UltiPro Cognos Reporting

UltiPro Cognos Reporting

By definition Cognos is a Business Intelligence software that is utilized for improving Decision Making by empowering the end-user with clear, concise, and timely data. For this reason Cognos is an integral part of your companies success. It allows your company to provide both management and users the insight and knowledge required to make effective decisions with concise data relevant to your business operations. From a simple Head Count report to an in depth look at earnings by location and employee type Gosa Group can help you maximize your investment by utilizing the Cognos tool set effectively.

Gosa Group has assisted many corporations in their reporting and Business Intelligence initiatives. We provide the analysis and development of Cognos 8 reports that allow you to assess and meet your business requirements. Our UltiPro Cognos Consultants are well versed in the UltiPro Data Cubes and objects which allow them to maneuver swiftly and effectively through the system. By being well versed in UltiPro as well as SQL our consultants are able to think outside the box and deliver reports that stretch the boundaries of Cognos by integrating SQL into the reports.

In order for the reports to truly be effective they must reach the hands of those who need the data. At Gosa Group we provide the knowledge and the experience to guide you through scheduling and bursting reports to the appropriate users and groups. By scheduling the data your staff will be able to work on other work tasks and still provide your consumers the insight required for them to make their business decisions.

Along with Reporting Gosa Group provides the analysis and creation of Dashboards. Every business group has their key elements and metrics that they need to operate. Allow our team of consultants to assist and develop the perfect dashboard that provides you with the snap-shot and drill through functionality that will make your staffs job more effective and efficient.

We’ve been UltiPro specialists a long time and it’s because we love it and we know it. We would love to talk to you to understand your needs. Contact us today!