• UltiPro Consulting Services

    UltiPro Consulting Services

    Gosa Group strives to be a dependable UltiPro Consulting partner for you. We provide an assortment of UltiPro Consulting Services that are diversified to fit the needs of your company.
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  • Partner Smart

    Partner Smart

    Gosa Group strives to be a dependable partner for you. We provide an assortment of UltiPro solutions and UltiPro Consultants that are diversified to fit your needs.
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  • Consultants who Care

    Consultants who Care

    Our UltiPro Consultants care about the outcome and more importantly they know how to achieve it.
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  • UltiPro Consultants who Architect a Plan

    UltiPro Consultants who Architect a Plan

    Your assets should be working as hard as you do. Are you maximizing their value? Allow us to architect a plan to maximize your investment in UltiPro.
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  • Improve your UltiPro Experience

    Improve your UltiPro Experience

    Improve inefficiencies by allowing our team of UltiPro Consultants to focus on improving processes. , allowing your workers the ability to concentrate on more strategic roles.
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  • Single Point of Focus

    Single Point of Focus

    Gosa Group has a single point of focus: deploying and maintaining UltiPro implementations, upgrades, customizations and optimizations for maximum strategic benefit.

Who we Are – UltiPro Consultants

Gosa Group provides an industry focused service that conjoins an expert knowledge of UltiPro and the processes of HCM systems alike. Our vision is to help guide your company by leveraging the benefits of UltiPro. Gosa Group will align key business processes with the UltiPro system as a means of providing your organization with greater efficiency. Our UltiPro consultants‘ wealth of business and functional experience allows them to partner with your team on problem solutions as well as developing future standards for progress. Our services provide full coverage of the UltiPro Product Suite ranging from client-side consulting to managing UltiPro HRIS Services. Gosa Group is with you through full implementation, execution, and support.
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Questions About UltiPro

We will evaluate your business requirements and make recommendations based on our experience. From implementations to open enrollment and project management to UltiPro Business Intelligence we provide insight and support. Our UltiPro consultants have a vast knowledge of the system and can assist you with large or small projects.

Gosa Group’s UltiPro Consultants deliver industry-focused client success by providing professional services for implementation and optimization of UltiPro. Our UltiPro Consultants provide knowledge in both business and systems to help bridge the gap between HR and IT.

UltiPro Consulting

  • UltiPro Implementations
  • UltiPro Workflows
  • UltiPro Manager Self Service
  • Project Management
  • Process Improvement
  • Create Efficiences
  • Process Review
  • First Class UltiPro Support
  • UltiPro Business Intelligence
  • UltiPro SQL Reporting and Interfaces
  • Acquisitions & Conversions
  • Enterprise & Mid-Market Clients
  • Integration with Vendors

UltiPro Consultants

  • Average 10 Years UltiPro Experience
  • Average 15 Years HCM Experience
  • Personable
  • Flexible
  • UltiPro HR Experts
  • UltiPro Payroll Experts
  • Sociable
  • Confident UltiPro Consultants
  • UltiPro Consultants who care

UltiPro Consulting Services


Some of Our UltiPro Clients

  • UltiPro Consultants amedisys
  • clients_corizon
  • clients_solarworld
  • UltiPro Consultants Goodwin
  • UltiPro Consultants usph